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Jazzy Holiday Appetizer Tips

At Envision we remind you that snacks and appetizers that are balanced work best for curbing hunger, controlling blood sugar and insulin resistance. This holiday season we want to encourage you to have plenty of fruits and veggies on your table before, during, and after meals. They are not only rich in nutrients and fiber, but they are filling. Add a protein rich side and you've done well.

For the season, what’s always good is to strike a good balance in food and not focus so much on calories, fat and carbs.. Think balance- fruits or grains with some protein and some veggies in the mix. We’ve seen great appetizer boards that pair cheese or yogurt (protein) with fruits and veggies- and we love that idea!! So jazz up produce and entice your family to eat well which will manage weight gain from over-eating during the holiday.

>Fresh cut fruit platter with Greek yogurt or peanut butter dip

>Add your favorite savory sauce to plain Greek yogurt and serve as a dip on a vegetable platter. Try pesto, sriracha, salsa or buffalo sauce

>Fresh tomatoes with mozzarella

>Mix chive, dill, and red pepper into yogurt to create a great dip for veggies, fruits, and crackers or chips

> Berries and nuts

>Fancy up or spice up plain hummus with fruit or anything

>Sushi is a great mix of veggies and fish

Be creative and know that eating well is sooo much fun!

Happy Holidays,

Donna DeCaille MS, RD, LD

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