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Expert Weigh in on: Almond Milk

Almond milk is the fastest growing non-animal milk on the market today surpassing the popularity of soy milk (we will review next week). Is it a good option for you and what should you be looking for? Although sold as a healthier option to cow's milk, there are a few pros, cons, and facts you should know. Almond milk is:

  • Far lower in protein(1 gram) and calories than cow's milk

  • Not a good option for infants due to the lower protein and nutrient content

  • A great source of Vitamin A, D, E and B12 because it's fortified

  • A good enough source of calcium

  • Dairy-free and lactose free making it ideal for those with dairy allergies or lactose- intolerance

  • Free of cholesterol and Saturated fat since it is plant based

  • Not recommended for those with a tree nut allergy (cashews, almonds etc.)

  • Better unsweetened to avoid added sugar and additional calories

  • Controversial due to the popular added thickener Carrageenan which is linked to inflammation, GI issues and impaired insulin action. At least for persons with inflammatory bowel disease and other issues it is best to choose almond milk without the additive

Keep in mind almonds itself are a bit different because almond milk is a mostly water version.

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