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Envision is a nutrition services company aimed to help families learn to eat healthfully.  We approach improving your health and well-being in simple practical ways. 
The Covid19 pandemic is forcing us all to want a healthy body without a lot of drama!  I deliver nutrition with ease and believe that life is too complicated so eating shouldn't be. 
  • Request a web-based session with us to work remotely wherever you are.  We have been doing this for a while and know it can support you and your family conveniently. 
  • Businesses can request a proposal on our worksite wellness programs and other opportunities.

Donna DeCaille MS, RDN, LD

I love what I do- I do what I love

Working with kids from all walks of life is a passion and joy. Most adults do not understand how kids relate to food!! I Do, and that is why I can help them become healthy. Donna

N.O.S.H is an interactive, home-based toolkit designed for pediatric patients diagnosed with an obesity-related health condition such as metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance or pre-diabetes. Current clinical and academic research focuses primarily on best practices for the management of childhood obesity, but not necessarily on its related conditions. It is critically important to tailor treatment protocols to address obesity-related conditions as well as any weight concerns, as disease progression can manifest to more serious chronic issues such as T2DM, later-in-life cardiovascular disease, cancer, and bone and joint deterioration.

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