No more schedule conflicts, bad traffic, or excuses!!  Donna can help you anywhere

We offer our services in a brand new way- Online
  1. We are not billing insurance for this service presently.  You will need to pay in advance for the sessions which are open below.  Some insurers might reimburse you if your plan supports telemedicine and you have a medical diagnosis to support a need for medical nutrition therapy
  2. These appointments cost about the same or less than your office co-pay so it's quite affordable at $50-65.00/Hour
  3. Appointments will be live with UberConference webinar.  This allows you time to ask questions and view examples.  You can have the whole family join you at multiple locations including listening in mode by phone.
  4. Because we know that you still need our support- especially for children that are overweight or with insulin resistance we see this as an effective way to help more kids and teens.
  5. Sessions are available on Thursday evenings at 6:00-7:00 pm & Saturdays at  2:00 pm.
  6. Register for a session, pay for the service and we send you a link with a confirmation ticket.
  7. Call us after your visit and we will continue to coach you through any issues you have.
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