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  • 14 Days to Plant-Based Eating Joy
    14 Day Plant-Based Joy
    May 04, 7:00 PM – May 18, 11:00 PM
    14 Day Plant-Based Joy
    Plant-base is a plant-centered plate. It could be that step before you go vegetarian or not, but the way to take full flight into eating whole-food plant-based for better health in 2021. This is for everyone wanting to embrace this wholesome approach to balanced eating.

Enroll in any of these amazing 2021 classes.  The classes will support you and help you transition to a healthier diet. Dietitian, Donna Decaille will coach you on the nutrition science behind reaching your goal with her chef and other team members.  Get your pantry list, recipes, and all your questions answered and learn from others with the same goals as you.

Image by Dan Gold

 2021 Winter Classes- 

  • 14 Day Plant-Based Challenge

Roasted Gold Beet Salad

Like many root veggies, beets are not always appealing but it's one veggie packed with tons of nutrients.  Roasted gold beets are a hit. Beets are incredibly high in many nutrients- Vitamin C, fiber, iron, magnesium folate..... Try roasting beets and toss them in a salad!!

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