N.O.S.H is an interactive, home-based toolkit designed for pediatric patients diagnosed with an obesity-related health condition such as metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance or pre-diabetes. Current clinical and academic research focuses primarily on best practices for the management of childhood obesity, but not necessarily on its related conditions. It is critically important to tailor treatment protocols to address obesity-related conditions as well as any weight concerns, as disease progression can manifest to more serious chronic issues such as T2DM, later-in-life cardiovascular disease, cancer, and bone and joint deterioration.

Full N.O.S.H Box Kit

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  • N.O.S.H. (“Nibble on Something Healthy”) TM Box is designed to be used by all members of a household in a collaborative manner, rather than focusing only on one child. The toolkit contains developmentally-appropriate (“child-friendly”), user-friendly resources, activities, portion dishes, meal plans, and recipes.  The home-based nature of the toolkit allows patients and families the flexibility and autonomy of managing their conditions from the comfort of home.  We are excited because our kids helped us develop this amazing tool! And kids have had significant improvements in weight and health

    What's in the box:

    • Easy portion tools so kids don't have to measure anything

    • What to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks in a simple easy format- No worries at all

    • Menu planner and recipes to give you ideas

    • Exercise calendar to get you moving

    • Protein-Carbohydrate Balancing is the key to resolving weight and pre-diabetes.  This box helps you do that

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