Watermelon Mania

Happy Independence Day Holiday

What’s not to love about watermelon!! Everyone has a way they prefer to choose and eat this wonderous fruit- from salads to juices, plain, or with a sprinkle of salt to bring out its sweetness. It’s known to be versatile from the juicy pink to the red inside and the less popular rind.

Watermelon is a flowering plant species of the cucurbitaceous family and is a trailing vine-like plant. Its history is traced to Africa. Naturally, it was quite familiar and loved in the south and today it is still a favorite in the African American community. Many Southern black farmers still farm many delicious varieties of this fruit that grows well in the summer.

Nutritionally speaking, watermelon is a great way to hydrate on hot summer days. As a matter of fact, in certain semidesert regions of the world, the watermelon is an important source of water to natives during dry periods. It’s mostly water as its name implies and nutritional data puts it 91% water or more.