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Our Whole Family Treatment for Overweight & Insulin Resistance

Adults develop their eating habits as children. It is urgent that parents and caregivers set the best possible example for a healthy lifestyle. The earlier we instill healthy habits, the more likely they are to stick into teenage and adulthood. For younger children ages 1-10, parents share the primary responsibility for food choices, meal preparation and serving sizes.The chronic conditions such as pre-diabetes , Type 2 Diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome continue to rise sharply among children. Insurance data supports that pre-diabetes and Type II Diabetes insurance claim among young people aged 0 to 22 years old, more than doubled between 2011 and 2015, according to an analysis of a large national database of claims paid by about 60 insurers. Many of these cases end up in my office and insurance reimbursement to treat these kids are shrinking or are nonexistent. We simply need economical, creative, practical, user-friendly tools to help parents who do not understand balance meal planning that work amazingly in reversing these pesky conditions in children. As parents reduce the sugar-sweetened beverages, sweets, and junk food- the big challenge remains. Now what and how do we eat? It's a patient educational process and one we hope to address with our signature product, N.O.S.H Box.

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