Let's Redefine Plant-Based in 2021

Updated: Jan 15

After the year we’ve had, I hope you are not in the mood for bossy, restrictive diet advice. Every year it’s a new diet fad and every year we aren’t any happier or healthier for the long haul. It was “keto“ in 2020 and it looks like “vegan” is already trending hard this month as #veganuary on Twitter. The past year should’ve taught us that life is utterly unpredictable and a lifestyle that requires too many specific restrictions or excesses easily falls apart when stress, anxiety, illness, and uncertainty come knocking.

I embrace whole food, plant-based eating as my eating mantra as a dietitian. To be clear, I am not a vegan or vegetarian. I may or may not gravitate to becoming a full vegetarian in the future, but as I write this, I am enjoying a salad with feta cheese.

What is whole food, plant-based eating?