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Its Farm 2 School Month

This month is a time to support connecting farms to schools- an opportunity to connect children to where their food actually come from and the health benefits of growing fresh food. Here's why this is crucial on many levels. Since the beginning of man we have had strong connection to the earth and its ability to sustain and feed us. Our creator was sure to give us the ability to sustain our bodies with food but also gave us the responsibility for caring for plants, animals and all that is in it. There are so many healthy and spiritual benefits to being responsible, grateful and connected to our natural food.

So imagine today's children being completely unconnected to how food is grown and who tends to the earth that provide us our food. Children today believe food comes from the supermarket and should always be packaged in pretty boxes with exciting colors. Growing plants and food teach science, math, and health. So this month take a moment to promote the connection of farms to schools. Here's what it can look like from my friends at Georgia Organics Farm 2 School program:

  • a school nutrition director planning school menus based on the seasons.

  • a vegetable farmer hosting a student on a farm field trip.

  • a fourth grader trying her very first cherry tomato in a school garden.

  • a math teacher whose students practice fractions using measuring spoons and recipes.

Simple things can change the face of health beginning with our children.

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