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Herb-Infused Water can Quench your Thirst & Add a Health-Twist!

In my refrigerator you will almost always find a pitcher of herbal water- either parsley, basil, mint, or rosemary -depending on how I really feel. This past hot Summer it was a great way to stay hydrated while adding some health benefits to my water. Here are my favorites and why. Start with purified water to enhance the flavors.

Ginger- have almost a peppery flavor but if you love ginger then go ahead and add a pinkie size piece or more to a pitcher of water. It's perfect for days when you are nauseous , gassy or have an upset stomach. For added strength crush or slice the ginger and leave in a bottle in the refrigerator.

Basil- regular or Thai basil are both good choices. Basil has a calming effect and is great for calming