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Help for the Picky Eater

Mealtime frown faces can be tough. The “picky eater” is the child with a short list of foods they will eat due to texture, taste, and visual preferences. Changing taste buds and appetites are a natural part of growing up healthy so don’t be alarmed when Jordan calls every vegetable is “icky”. Not to be confused with more serious eating disorders, the picky eater will often eat enough but can fall into an unhealthy BMI for his/her age.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for ages 2 years and older a menu that primarily relies on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat and nonfat dairy products, beans, fish, and lean meat. To keep appetite high for main meals, limit juice, sweet treats, and fatty snacks too close to meals times as that curbs hunger and limit nutrition. Meals and snacks should be offered at regular times and for most children that could be 2-3hrs between snacks and meals when tummies get empty.

Here are some helpful hints for the picky eater:

Meal time should be relaxed and happy. Forcing, begging, pleading, bribing,