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Grades are Tied to Healthy Habits

Will eating healthy and being active lead to better grades? The answer is YES! There is mounting evidence to support the need for parents and schools to approach learning in this very holistic way. As we dive into why food and physical activity improve test scores, we should look at how the brain works and what it needs to function at its best.

Our brain is the command center for the nervous system. It receives messages from the sensory organs and sends output to the muscles. It controls everything we do and when it comes to learning, memory, and focus, the brain is in central command. A good supply of healthy food provides the fuel the brain needs to function at its peak. A steady supply of blood and oxygen from physical activity ensures all nutrients are given to this mighty organ.

A+ for the science proving that being healthy improve grades:

  • Most nutrition studies were done on breakfast. And still they show that eating breakfast has a positive effect on children's memory and attention making them more productive learners. Twenty-one studies demonstrate that habitual breakfast (frequency and quality) including school breakfast, have a positive effect on children and adolescents' academic performance. See my list of 14 quick healthy breakfasts

  • Eating a healthy balanced breakfast is related to improvement in math grades. A few studies support improved vocabulary scores as well.