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Coaching Healthy Eaters

Some children go along with healthy changes and some will give you the hardest time. It can be tough to turn them around. Now is still a good time, but the responsibility lies heavier on them to make this work. For younger children ages 1-10, you share the primary responsibility for food choices, meal preparation, and serving sizes. Be very patient in this process.

  • Remind your child that you love them and care about them. Ensure them they are good enough as they are and they are special. Do not make negative comments or jokes about your child’s body shape, weight or size to motivate them to change. Criticism may hamper a child’s self esteem, body image, and promoting shame. When we feel terrible about our body it’s harder to make changes.

  • Avoid always focusing on what not to eat. Mostly focus on positive eating messages by encouraging your child to eat healthy in a helpful way. Saying “I noticed you haven’t had much water today, there’s plenty of cold water in the refrigerator,” is better than, “you can’t drink soda.” I’ve noticed that kids are often confused and become resistant when you scold them constantly about the foods they like.

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