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Affirmations to propel you into being healthier in 2021

The way we think and approach eating healthy will greatly affect our long-term success. Diet culture has taken a major toll on how we eat and view our bodies. Sadly, restrictive, bossy diet messages and images are so entrenched we are seeing both obesity and eating disorders steadily rising. The more I coach clients with diet-related chronic health conditions, the more I steer them away from defeating messages that trip them up. Words like- "hard" and "trying" say uphill battle. Then, there's the one that was enjoying that food until someone called it "healthy." Or, the one that feels like fasting, denials, and restrictions in agony is making progress. Now you are craving carbs because your spouse said they were bad.

The power of positive thinking can’t be underestimated. When it focuses on the expectation of good results, it will benefit your total health. For nutritionists, success markers are happy clients that are empowered by an eating plan suitable for their lifestyle and budget.

Affirmations will put you in a better mind-space for positive thinking and self-empowerment, which is why I encourage my clients to use them in their daily lives.

Addressing your mindset before moving forward in any diet is checking yourself because every failed diet attempt can hurt the body and mind. In weight-loss for example, consistent gaining and losing can increase your risk of heart disease and lead to feelings of defeat and frustration. As you approach spring health goals, repeat affirmations, expect success and be patient with yourself in the process.

10 Affirmations for Successful Healthful Eaters

  1. I am eating healthier every day

  2. A healthy body is my desire

  3. My body is strong and capable of winning

  4. I am excited about eating healthy

  5. I am so grateful to those who grow my nutritious food

  6. Being healthy comes to me naturally

  7. I am feeling better with every bite I take

  8. I am a good cook getting better

  9. I am attracted to healthy foods

  10. I can enjoy more of this food tomorrow

Create your own goals and write affirmations that also support them. What are some of the kind words you can share about your body or your journey?

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1 Comment

Riki Williams
Riki Williams
Mar 24, 2021

I am a healthy happier me. Thanks for the affirmations

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