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14 Fast Breakfast Ideas for Busy Families

Parents and kids are excited about the new school year. But before you and the kids head out the door- we have to give you the breakfast pep talk! If you’ve worked with me, you already know that I believe a balanced breakfast is magical in jump starting your day. A healthy breakfast will help improve: focus, attention, academic achievement, insulin resistance, manage hunger, manage weight, and jump start energy levels.

Moms and Dads are great about pushing breakfast, but often don’t follow the advice for themselves. We are often too rushed, don’t have a morning appetite or grab the wrong stuff. If that is the case, be creative and keep things simple.

Hint: A healthy breakfast will include enough protein(10 grams or more), fiber( 5 grams or more), limited “added” sugar (Keep to less than 10 grams) and some healthy fat as well.

Preparing breakfast foods, the night before will help make that morning rush less hectic. Here are 14 handy back to school breakfast ideas with the linked recipes or products I recommend:

  1. Peanut Butter or Greek yogurt on wholegrain waffles with berries

  2. Breakfast Smoothie or Store bought Yogurt/Protein Drink

  3. Avocado Toast with Eggs

  4. Two boiled Eggs and a fruit of choice

  5. Breakfast Burrito

  6. Apples slices with almond butter sprinkled with granola

  7. No Cook Overnight Oats with fruits

  8. Five minute Microwave quiche and fruit

  9. Healthy Breakfast Muffins

  10. Mini Egg Omelets or Frittata Muffin Tin

  11. Homemade high protein breakfast cookie

  12. Store bought Healthy Granola Bars with glass of milk

  13. Breakfast Parfait

  14. Handful of almonds and a fruit cup

Have an amazing year! Enjoy 10th Grade Son!

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